How to clean sash windows

uPVC sash windows are becoming ever more popular with shutters and sash windows working well together to create a terrific try to find your property. While uPVC sash windows are easy to tidy, they do require a bit of TLC to keep them looking their best throughout the year.

Preferably sash windows should be cleaned up routinely, however a lot of people don’t do them as typically as they should. Of course, how often they are cleaned up depends on the environment around you and your geographic area. As a basic rule you must clean your sash windows whenever you clean the glass. When cleaning your uPVC windows, you should not clean them on an extremely bright day, as the sun will dry the soap on the glass which can leave water streaks on your uPVC sash windows, so to avoid this problem choose a cloudy day with less noticeable sunlight or simply clean them later on in the day when the sun is lower and it is cooler.

You ought to avoid using items like paper towels or glass cleaner for your uPVC sash windows as the rubbing will simply move dirt from one place to another and create a static charge on the glass, which can attract more dust and dirt than before.

Step by step of cleaning your uPVC sash windows

  • Slide the bottom sash away from the window sill to prevent anything getting in between the leading and bottom sash.
  • Move the tilt knob which lies at the top of the bottom sash towards the centre and pull it towards you up until the tilt rest arms on the side of the sash engage.
  • The leading sash can be eliminated in the same way when the bottom sash has currently been opened.
  • Wipe over the plastic surrounds with a wet cloth working from the top sash to the bottom to prevent ruining your work as you go.
  • Clean the glass with soapy water and dry as you’re going to avoid water marks.
  • Wipe over the white rubber seal on the bottom of the lower sash to ensure that it preserves a good white finish.
  • Make sure that the drain holes which lie at the bottom of each sash is clear to guarantee drain can happen effectively.
  • You should use a silicone based spray to lubricate the moving parts within your uPVC sash windows, but keep in mind never to use oil based products even if your window starts to stick or squeak.

The within your sash windows should be cleaned with a soft microfibre fabric and glass cleaner. You do not need anything as intense on the inside as they usually do not get as dirty as outdoors. For outdoors cleaning of your uPVC windows you should choose a dishwashing machine liquid blended with water to dilute it and a soft sponge. Prevent anything which is extreme like wire sponges due to the fact that these can harm the surrounding on your windows. When cleaning the outside you can squeegee the service from your uPVC sash windows as you go.

The more care and attention you give your uPVC sash windows the longer they will continue to look brand-new.

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