Selecting Patio Doors

If you have a garden, then chances are you’ll have some form of patio doors leading from your home out into your garden. By opening up an outdoor patio door, the garden becomes more of a continuation of your home and during the summer months gives you the benefit of the warm breezy air flowing through your house. Access to the garden is convenient and can produce excellent, unblocked views to your outside space, while flooding interior spaces with natural light.

When considering patio area doors there are a number of alternatives depending upon both the space available and your spending plan, here are a few of the more popular patio area door choices you might choose from …

Conventional French Doors are hinged, double doors which open outwards to your garden. When open, you have full unblocked access to the garden. These types of doors tend to be popular with smaller sized locations where you would still like to have complete access to the garden. You can open the doors one at a time also if you are simply popping out, without having to open the whole space up.

French Doors

The modern French Doors are made of a really high quality uPVC making them incredibly long lasting and with their double glazed glass are excellent for keeping your home warm and cosy in the winter. French Doors are a very popular choice for homes all over the UK and can be used as an interior door along with a great escape to your garden.

Sliding Patio Doors
Patio doors (sometimes called moving patio area doors or sliding doors) are another popular choice with UK homeowners. These moving doors tend to be set up on bigger wall locations, whereas the French Doors are a more popular option with smaller wall spaces, taking up less space. Sliding patio area doors tend to include 2 or more specific panels with a minimum of among them sliding back and forth on hidden rollers. The only issue is you will only get roughly half of the space open at any one time, as one glass location would constantly be closed. They are popular in locations with smaller sized gardens as they do not extend from the line of the wall when open and will not open out onto the garden itself. As the panels slide parallel to the wall they won’t hinder furniture within the room or strolling locations.

Sliding Patio Doors

This is a fantastic choice if you are trying to find a big glass area for your patio doors, to let in a large quantity of light and still offer easy access to your garden. Our Sliding Patio Doors are all made of high quality uPVC and use double glazed glass too, to ensure your doors are easy to keep and keep the sound and cold exterior.

Bi-Folding Doors.

Bi-Folding Doors include a row of glass door panels, which move open while the panels within fold and accumulate nicely against a wall. Bi-folding doors are becoming incredibly popular in newer, modern buildings as they can connect your garden with the living location far more perfectly. They completely open the area as opposed to only partly opening like moving patio area doors. They permit the sunshine and light to flood into your house, however you do need to enable area for the doors to fold into, for that reason furniture should not be placed in the method and you require to be mindful with sidewalks. Bi-folding doors can be great for more unusual sized locations as they can be made in different sizes from simply two sections up to 8 or more.

This has become an incredibly popular choice for modern families, with the wide open space the completely open doors give you. With their strong uPVC building they are so easy to keep tidy and are strong and safe and secure for your comfort. Out of these three designs, this is the most smooth connection from house to garden and is perfect for entertaining.

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