Do I need planning permission to alter my windows?

If you’re seeking to have replacement windows, set up double glazing (or even triple glazing) then the chances are you may not need planning permission. This isn’t always the case, as like everything else, there are loads of exceptions to this guideline. Preparation consent is separate from Building Regulations Approval which sets the standard for health and wellness.

If you’re doing fundamental maintenance or small improvements to your requirement or uPVC Windows such as a repair work or repainting, then you definitely do not require planning consent. If you’re adding in new windows, double glazing or not, that are of comparable appearance to those used in the initial building of your house then you will not require preparing approval. However if you are preparing something bigger such as a brand-new bay window then this will be classified as an extension and will for that reason need preparation authorisation.

Unless you live within a conservation area or listed building it’s unlikely that you’ll require preparing authorisation for the windows as the alterations are very little and are not likely to affect your neighbours. If you do require preparing permission though this requires to be gotten prior to the changes are executed. Good news is that your double glazing installer must be able to recommend you of your need for approval and seek it must you need it.

When including double glazed windows to the upper floor side elevation of your house then they must be unknown- glazed and either non opening or more than 1.7 metres above the floor level to not need planning approval.

When taking a look at installing roof or skylights as a basic rule they don’t need planning permission unless they fall into these categories:

  • They extend more than 150mm beyond the aircraft of the roofing system slope
  • They are higher than the greatest part of the roof
  • If they remain in the side elevation roof slope and less than 1.7 meters above the floor level

Obviously if you live in a noted structure you’ll need preparing consent for the addition of any form of double glazed windows or uPVC Windows. Noted structures are properties which are deemed to have historic or architectural significance and anything constructed prior to 1700 is considered noted, and a large majority of those built in between 1700 and 1840 are likewise listed. A small number of more recent structures are likewise noted but there are no specific requirements that makes them by doing this. These structures are secured by law and you should obtain planning permission before you install double glazing, and whether internal or external listened permission needs to be offered for any considerable works, or works which modifies the look of the structure.

If you are a leaseholder, than you should get the permission from your property owner or management company to make any considerable modifications or work to the home.

Before any house improvement occurs– consisting of the addition of double glazed windows– most homeowners will need to obtain preparation permission. Preparation authorisation is granted by the council and is a method for the location to supervise the manner in which your town or city establishes. When considering the application for planning permission landscaping is considered alongside the external appearance of your structure, road gain access to and effect on neighbours and the basic environment.

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