How Frequently Should You Paint Timber Windows?

Wood windows
When it comes to windows, wood is an useful choice that looks sensational, too– offered that it’s given the ideal surface. This finish might consist either of a transparent coat of oil or wax that’ll leak between the fibres of the wood and make sure that moisture can’t permeate or trigger rot. On the other hand, it may include an opaque layer of paint that’ll do much the same thing while at the same time changing the colour of the frame itself.

In order to get the very best from your wood window frame, you’ll need to make sure that the surface is regularly revitalized.

When should I paint wood windows?
When painting your window, you’ll require to initially do a little bit of prep. This might indicate sanding down the existing surface, and providing it a mild (however comprehensive) wash. Of course, in between the time you wash the wood and use the first coat of paint, you’ll need to permit the surface to dry– as soon as you paint the wood, you’ll trap any moisture within, where it can do damage.

As a rule, then, it’s finest to paint exterior windows on hot, dry days where this drying can occur naturally and quickly– and so summer season is frequently the very best bet.

What paint should I use on timber windows?
Your option of paint will depend mainly on the style of the surrounding building. White is a timeless choice. One substantial benefit of brightly-coloured windows like this is that you’ll be able to easily see when it’s time to break out the paintbrush again.

After you’re done painting, you might want to apply a protective coat of varnish. This’ll safeguard the paint from small nicks and scratches. Varnishes are available in numerous levels of glossiness, and you’ll be able to use several coats to accomplish a more long-lasting surface.

How frequently should I paint wood windows?
The lifespan of a coat of paint will depend on the tension that a window is expected to absorb. If it’s in consistent sunshine, and exposed to lashing winds and rain, then we can anticipate it to degrade quicker. Your best bet might be to keep a photographic record of what the window is supposed to look like, which you’ll be able to refer to later on, when you presume it might be time to apply another coat.

As we’ve seen, many aspects can affect how often a wood window needs repainting. In general, it’s best to check the frames closely once a year– make a note in your diary and find five minutes to do it at the same time each year. You may discover that some windows will demand a fresh coat every few years, while others can last for nearly a decade without the need for attention.

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