Sash Windows: uPVC or Timber?

Timber windows
Timber windows are a great way of injecting a little Victorian-era beauty into your period residential or commercial property, however they’re an appealing solution for more contemporary-style outsides, too. If you’re looking for a sash window, then you’ll generally be faced with 2 materials to pick from: uPVC and Timber.

uPVC (or un-plasticised poly-vinyl chloride) is a type of plastic that’s extremely popular in windows and doors. It’s resistant and can be reshaped at heats, that makes it an affordable option. Timber, on the other hand, is a naturally-occurring product which (provided that it’s collected properly) is infinitely sustainable (and it looks great to increase).

Let’s gone through the advantages of both materials so you can figure out which one will be most ideal for your home.

What are the benefits of uPVC sash windows?

Sash window expense is unquestionably a factor that’ll affect your buying choice. uPVC has actually considerably minimised the cost of sash windows, compared to their timber equivalents.

When it pertains to running costs, the material used matter less. In fact, uPVC and wood tend to be roughly equivalent when it comes to thermal efficiency. With that stated, the lower up-front cost of uPVC sash windows makes sure to make them an attractive proposal.

uPVC windows are tough
Another crucial strength of uPVC is that it’ll stand up to basically anything nature can toss at it. You will not require to stress over water damage triggering the product to break down gradually, and minor knocks and scratches are really unlikely to cause long lasting damage.

uPVC windows do not warp
Timber is formed of fibres that will change shape in correspondence to wetness and heat. uPVC however is far more resistant to these variations.

uPVC windows are low-maintenance
Timber windows require to be dealt with sometimes if they’re to stay in tip-top condition. This might involve sanding, cleansing, and ending up– all of which might be tricky if the window is on the 3rd floor! By contrast, uPVC needs little attention; give it an occasional clean with a moist cloth and it’ll look and function just as well.

What are the benefits of timber sash windows?

Many individuals believe timber windows are more attractive than their plastic equivalents. This is particularly so if you’re installing them into a duration home, where plastic windows might watch out of place. Factors to consider like this are subjective– however the majority of us will most likely agree that an appropriately ended up wooden window frame looks better than a bright-white plastic one. Naturally, uPVC windows are offered in colours apart from white, however they are priced at a premium.

Timber windows last for a very long time
Supplied that it’s effectively looked after, the life-span of a wood window frame more than justifies the initial cost. The typical wood window will last for around 6 decades, compared to around 3 for uPVC windows. Examine the length of the warranty on offer for extra peace of mind– we offer a forty-year assurance versus rot and fungal issues on our softwood substances.

Timber windows are environmentally friendly
It may seem obvious that timber ought to be greener than uPVC. Plastics are produced using oils that have come out of the ground– oils that can’t be replaced when they’ve been extracted. Timber, by contrast, comes from trees that can be replanted over and over again. Naturally, this is meaningless if the timber in question isn’t acquired properly. That’s why we guarantee our Timber windows are FSC certified, and supply a Chain of Custody on request. That way you can see precisely how the products concerned arrive in your windows!

Timber windows are easy to customise
One significant edge that wood windows have over uPVC is that they can be customised. uPVC windows and doors are destined to stay in the same shape for the duration of their lives– they can be melted down and reshaped into a brand-new window, but they can’t be modified when they’re in location. This implies that if you’re wanting to drill into your window to install a brand-new lock, or you ‘d like a various set of manages or hinges, you’ll need to go with timber windows.

That said, bolting on new hardware isn’t the only method you might want to personalise your windows. You might want to purchase your window incomplete, and then apply your own coat of paint. Timber is the only product that’ll enable this. uPVC windows, by contrast, aren’t made to be painted, which implies you’re stuck with whatever colour you at first select.

What should you select– timber or uPVC sash windows?
When choosing whether to select a timber or a uPVC sash window, you’ll need to evaluate what’s crucial to you, and what the very best match will be for your house. If you’re upgrading the windows on a period home, wood tends to be the better choice. You might even find that planning consent limitations prohibit you from choosing anything else.

On the other hand, if you’re purchasing for a more modern property– and perhaps changing a set of existing white uPVC windows, then uPVC might hold greater appeal. It’s also worth thinking about just how much time you’re likely to buy taking care of your windows– particularly if they’re being set up someplace challenging to reach.

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